About Us

  • In 2013, we began our journey with the goal of ending the stigma that eating healthy means sacrificing taste. We didn’t just set out to add a healthy alternative to your dessert options. We wanted to contribute to a lifestyle.

    We knew a favorite among ice cream lovers is the Italian gelato. But how can a health-conscious individual fully enjoy all the pleasures of a gelato without the feeling of guilt afterward?

  • That’s when we developed our formula for a creamy ,delicious, gluten-free vegan frozen dessert. With no added sugars, ice cream lovers can enjoy the pleasures of a tasty gelato without the sorrow afterthoughts.

    Our quest to be more than the final course in a healthy meal hasn’t gone unnoticed. Along the way, we received our Vegan, Non-gmo and Kosher certifications.

    Vegallia represents the future of healthy living for all individuals. We’re more than an ice cream. We’re a way of life.