Stories of Ascension: Focusing on the Future

Nov. 16, 2022 Sponsored by Chase Bank  |  Read the full interview made by Ascendus here.


Our name Ascendus has two parts, "Ascend" which describes the upward trajectory of our clients and "Us" which denotes our work together as a team to make this happen.

This year’s Stories of Ascension is entitled “Focusing on the Future.” It celebrates our clients’ entrepreneurial journeys and highlights how the Ascendus community has been able to provide support and funding. We are proud to share these stories of perseverance and resilience through our Stories of Ascension video series. This is our second year traveling up and down the East Coast, listening, collaborating and celebrating with our clients.


Corina and Natalia

When Corina was diagnosed with stomach cancer, she developed several dietary restrictions. Her cravings for something sweet could not be met by anything in the current market, so with her daughter, Natalia, she made an inclusive dessert for all to enjoy. To attract more customers, Corina and Natalia used an Ascendus loan to create a branding campaign that enabled them to enter new markets.


Vegallia | Stories of Ascension from Ascendus on Vimeo.