This Dairy-Free Ice Cream Might Be Halo Top For Vegans

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The healthy ice cream craze has been delightful for millions of dieters, but even the most beloved brands like Halo Top leave vegans and dairy-free eaters with no dessert — and a whole lot of FOMO.

A recent brand to respond to said void in the healthy dessert space is Vegallia, a dairy-free dessert line with no added sugar, using monk fruit as a sweetener and xylitol (a sugar alcohol) to keep the texture from getting icy (similar to Halo Top, which uses erythritol in addition to cane sugar and stevia).

The brand offers seven vegan, gluten-free flavors: dark chocolate, french vanilla, coconut, mango, wild berries, creamy lime, and banana and french vanilla. We tried the first five here in the POPSUGAR office and decided that mango was the winner of all of them, coming in with the most positive reviews (it tastes sort of like a mango lassi in frozen form).


Each serving varies in nutrients depending on flavor, but the calorie count hovers between 110 and 160 per half cup serving. It's got zero protein because, well . . . no dairy, but it's super low in fat (zero to one gram) with roughly 20 to 28 grams of carbohydrates.

Here's an example ingredient list, for reference, courtesy of the wild berries variety: strawberry purée, raspberry purée, blackberry purée, organic coconut milk powder, monk fruit, maltodextrin (vegetable fiber), sorbitol, xylitol, vegetable-distilled monoglycerides (emulsifier), and xanthan and cellulose gums.

You can find Vegallia in some specialty grocers and in the brand's online store for $10 a pint.